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How to Pick the Best Bedroom Area Rug

Homeowners are frequently caught between the traditional allure of hardwood and the comfortable coziness of area rugs when it comes to bedroom flooring alternatives. 

While each has particular advantages, an area rug may give a space more coziness, color, and personality.

There are many possibilities to pick from when thinking of bedroom rug ideas. Some examples are wall-to-wall covering, adding carpet to an existing layer, or simply putting in a runner rug. 

Choose soft rugs for bedrooms, providing additional warmth and comfort for bare feet. Regardless of how you decorate your apartment, adding large area rugs will quickly liven up the room and offer visual appeal.

Yet, it is crucial to bear in mind the following tips before choosing a form, size, or style:

Bedroom Rug Size and Positioning Tips

It’s crucial to pick a rug that complements the space when choosing one for a bedroom. The rug should be the perfect size to display its beauty—neither too large nor too small. It’s crucial to check that the bed’s footboard legs are on your area rug in tiny bedrooms with constrained furniture space. 

You can utilize soft area rugs to distinguish these bigger areas in bedrooms with space for a desk, vanity table, or seating area. This will give the floor a plush cushion and give the room a focal point.

You should have exactly 36 inches on all sides of your bed to maneuver around it unless your bed is up against a wall. Use masking tape to draw a border on the floor, leaving 8 inches of space if the room is smaller, to help you envision how an area rug will look in your location.

Remember that your bed should always be the center of attention in your room and that any area rug you place under it should reach 18 to 24 inches beyond the bed’s boundaries.

Rug Styling Tips for the Bedroom

After a long day, your bedroom is a wonderful haven to unwind and relax. Choosing the appropriate style for your large area rugs in the USA  is crucial because it’s perfect for the room to seem cozy and welcoming. Your area rug’s design should primarily reflect your particular preferences and what will make your home seem balanced.

It would help if you weren’t too concerned about foot traffic when picking area rugs for bedrooms. Instead, focus on what will make you feel comfortable and at ease in your environment.

You can choose from various area rug styles, so you’ll likely discover one that suits your preferences. Popular choices comprise:

  • Traditional Rugs

These area rugs are decorated with time-honored patterns and styles. They’re ideal for giving your bedroom a sophisticated, timeless feel.

  • Modern rugs

Modern area rugs are a terrific choice if you’re searching for something more modern. They can make your space modern and pleasant by incorporating geometric and abstract patterns with clean lines.

  • Shag Rugs

These area rugs provide comfort, cushion, and sophistication to any bedroom with their plush, soft texture and thick pile. They are available in various materials, hues, and designs to suit every taste.

  • Vintage Rugs

These area rugs are ideal for individuals who value antiques and traditional culture. They provide excellent quality, the charm of an antique, and an affordable bedroom solution.

  • Bohemian Rugs

The look of boho rugs in your bedroom will appeal if you enjoy elegant and quirky aesthetics. They frequently include elements made of natural fibers, strong designs, distressed patterns, and brilliant hues.

Tips on Rug Materials for Bedrooms

The best material for a rug depends on where it will be used because the material affects the rug’s softness and durability. If you’re looking for a new bedroom rug, take these things into account:

  • Wool

Wool rugs provide a posh touch to bedroom flooring and are appropriate for high and low-usage areas. Natural stain resistance makes them excellent for bedrooms and can help keep the space warmer in the winter.

  • Cotton

Cotton rugs are lightweight and simple to care for. These are ideal for places with little traffic, including bedrooms or sitting rooms. Cotton carpets come in various patterns and colors and are also reasonably priced.

  • Jute       

Jute rugs are constructed of natural materials and are sustainable. They are dependable and suited for places with heavy traffic. Area rugs made of jute are excellent for outdoor areas as well. They are also reasonable and simple to clean.

  • Olefin

Olefin area rugs are preferred for bedrooms because of their vivid colors, adaptability, and plush and cozy feel. They are simple to match any room’s decor because they are available in various colors, patterns, and styles. Another benefit of using this material in heavy traffic areas is its longevity and resistance to stains and wear.

  • Silk

Oriental silk rugs are a great alternative that has been used to embellish palace floors all over the world. Although they might not be the most cost-effective material, they are a great option for people with allergies. Bedrooms, which normally don’t see a lot of foot activity, are ideal for delicate, natural silk threads.


Area rugs are easily replaceable and bring warmth, color, and character to a space. Also, you can add a layer of insulation, designate separate room regions, and lower noise levels with soft bedroom rugs.

By taking the time to think about all of the mentioned topics, you will be able to select the flooring option that best meets your needs and tastes and will aid in creating a cozy and lovely bedroom.

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