Best Kid Friendly Places in Dubai



Dubai is the benchmark of advancement, modernity and luxe in the 21st Century. Set on the Arabian Gulf, the character of Dubai is dynamic, progressive and futuristic. The city is a global hub for commerce, business, cosmetics, technology and many more. Dubai is known for its dynamic and fast paced lifestyle. The city is constantly reforming itself in art, architecture and new ways to find adventure. Needless to say, it is a global summer holiday destination that is boosting with fun, adventure and rejuvenation. There are countless fun things to do in Dubai for kids and families. Dubai lets you reminisce about being a kid with your kid at its thrilling adventure parks. waterparks, safaris, theme parks etc. The city truly caters to all kinds of tourists from all age groups.  Here are some must see places in Dubai to visit with your kid. 


  1.  LegoLand Water Park


 Dubai being surrounded by desert, it is obvious that it receives unimaginable temperatures during summer. LegoLand Water Park is a Lego themed park located near Palm Jebel Ali. Spending a day at LegoLand Water Park will surely help you cool off in this scorching heat. This is by far the best kid-friendly place in Dubai as it contains around 20 exciting rides. This water park in Dubai not only guarantees a fun time with your kids but also images them in brain stimulating activities like building boats and rafts out of soft big Legos. Some other best water parks in Dubai are Aquaventure, which happens to be the world’s largest water park and Wild Wadi Water park.


  1.  Hatta


A wild expedition at Hatta filled with beige beauty of the deserts, scenic lakes, star gazing, dirt bike riding, camping and many more is the perfect place for kids in Dubai. The area is full of red rocky hills, desert farms and challenging terrain making it the perfect spot for enthusiastic hikers and bikers. There is a dedicated kids outdoor area, families can also enjoy kayaking over the Hatta dam and visit the bee gardens. This is the best place in Dubai for kids to get acquainted with nature and have an adventurous time of their lives. 


  1. Theme Parks


Dubai’s adventure is on another level. Theme parks in Dubai take you on an incredible journey on its thrilling roller coaster rides and exciting waterslides. Spend a day with your favorite cartoon characters, marvel superheroes and fictional movie characters. IMG Worlds of Adventure is without a doubt a must visit place in Dubai where people from all ages can enjoy to the fullest. Get your adrenaline pumping throughout the day at Motiongate Dubai and experience the real fun of being a kid. 


  1.  Al Marmoom


 Tune in on the dune life at Al Marmoom! This Desert Conservation Reserve transcends you to another realm. Experience the authentic Arabian lifestyle, ride the camels like locals, witness the beautiful flora and fauna of Al Marmoom. Al Qudra offers an amazing 86 km long cycling track bypassing through the golden sands.The variety of activities Al Marmoom has in store like sandboarding, birdwatching, camel riding, desert safaris, even lakeside picnics is bound to make your trip to Dubai an unforgettable one. This desert reserve definitely ranks in the top 3 places to visit in Dubai for kids.


  1.  Art Dubai 2023


Expose your minds to the colourful dimension of art. The art galleries in Dubai house some of the modern and contemporary art pieces of all times. The event is open to all ages who are enthusiastic about modern art and its aesthetics. The art pieces belong to more than 400 artists across 40 countries around the world. The event also organises educational programs, conferences, workshops for kids ranging from age 5-7. 

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