Effective Ways to Streamline Your Custom Tissue Boxes

Custom Tissue Boxes

Tissue boxes are essential to any tissue usage program, whether for your company or an individual’s personal needs. And it’s no secret that using these bags is convenient and cost effective — but with all the choices available, which boxes should your business be using? It can take hours to create custom tissue boxes for your business, but with 5 quick and easy steps to streamline your process, you’ll get the most out of your packers and save some money.

Use Recycled Custom Tissue Packaging Box

Custom tissue packaging boxes are an easy solution to your packaging problems and are also better for the environment. For example, if you use customized tissue box for your tissue packs, you’ll want to keep them as clean as possible. That makes used cardboard boxes a great alternative: they’re already clean! And since they already have holes from previous uses, it’s easier to put your manufacturer’s label inside—and even easier than putting one on a new box.

Another benefit of using recycled boxes is saving money on the initial purchase because you get more products for the same price as a brand new box. You may also want to look into buying bulk quantities of recycled boxes to ensure there are enough around when needed.

Reduce Packaging Waste

Figuring out how to reduce packaging waste is easy, but it might be obscure. There are many ways to reduce packaging waste, but we will focus on a few that you can use to make your boxes more sustainable and efficient.

First of all, try to avoid using plastic wrap on your packaging materials. Plastic wrap can add extra weight and cost on top of the packaging materials you already need to use. Instead, try using paper or wax paper. You’ll save money in the long run and reduce your environmental impact!

Also, consider using cardboard boxes instead of plastic ones for storing and transporting your tissue boxes. This will help you save money by reducing shipping costs and reduce your carbon footprint by reducing waste through recycling.

Use Custom Tissue Box Lids

Reduce packaging waste by using custom tissue box lids. These lids are made from recycled paper and are fit nicely on the top of your boxes, adding another layer of protection for your product, so it doesn’t get damaged in transit or when stored at home.

Use Digital Printing

One of the best ways to streamline your packaging is by using digital printing. Digital printing allows you to print your label on a computer rather than using a traditional press. This helps you save money, get more efficient, and keep your packaging looking new.

Using digital printing for your custom display boxes cardboard will help you save time and money in the long run because there are no more physical production lines for you to manage: all of the work is done by software on a computer screen.

With Digital printing you can do:

  • Printing labels in bulk
  • Customizing your box designs
  • Printing on paper efficiently
  • Using different colors for each box type

Redesigning Your Boxes To Give Customers More Control

If you’re an expert at making custom tissue boxes, it’s only sometimes necessary to redesign them every few months. But if you do so often, it can be a good way to streamline your packaging process and reduce costs.

Here are some ideas for redesigning your boxes in a way that gives customers more control:

  • Offer custom sizes and shapes. This way, people can order exactly what they need without worrying about finding a box’s right size or shape.
  • Include dispensers outside the box so customers can put the tissue right where needed.
  • Make sure your boxes are large enough so people will use them—not just throw them in their trash!

Take Advantage Of The Flexibility Of Double-Sided Printing And Side Printing

Double-sided printing is one of the most flexible ways to print custom tissue boxes.

One side of a tissue box can be printed with the graphics you need, while the other can be printed with a message or instructions to help your customers use it more effectively. You can even include a QR code on both sides so customers can scan it with their phones or apps to learn more about your product.

If you’re unsure which side will be most effective for your company, try printing just one side first and seeing how it goes over in the store. Then you’ll know what direction to take next!

Effective Marketing Goes Way Beyond Your Custom Tissue Box Printing

Packaging is not just about aesthetics. Your custom tissue box printing should be attractive and eye-catching, but they must also be functional to keep the tissue from being damaged during shipping.

Marketing your tissues is a lot like selling any other product. You need to provide your audience the right information. But there’s one thing that sets tissue packaging apart from other products: the box.

Customers first see the box before start using it. It’s also where most of your branding takes place, so you want to ensure it looks as good as possible.

Bottom Line

If you’re in the business of selling tissue paper, you’re probably familiar with custom tissue boxes. They serve as all sorts of valuable tools for storing and shipping your product, and they are all but unavoidable—at least in the light-wedge category. But you don’t have to accept these little boxes as a necessary evil. Rather, you can make them something better than just an annoying hassle. The above guide shares a few ways to do this with nominal effort.

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