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I was helping out in the St. Philips Community Center and School when I saw an activity they were carrying out which is beneficial in many ways for small business. There were several of us who were volunteering our time to pack around 50,000 meals for hungry children in Dallas. We made an assembly line, which was divided and assigned various tasks to various people.

There were some people who put ingredients into containers, some were weighing the package, others were sealing the packaging and then others would wrap the containers. Some adjustments were required during the process to business coaching services ensure that the food packaging business perfect and ready to be delivered. For instance, if the persons who weighed the packages had an item that was excessively heavy, they needed adjust the amount of food they were serving and take a portion of the food out. If it was heavy and heavy, they needed to add more food items business. It took some time for the weighing team . It also was a little annoying and annoying to see different results from the ingredients team, which needed to rectify every time.

Numerous packages that were either over and underweight

The process was with a variety of packages, I observed an interesting trend. The weighing team began to look at whether they were prone among ingredient teams. To produce packages that were too heavy or light. Because their ingredients group was only one step ahead of them business during the process. In the sense that they were close to them on the assembly line–they began giving. Feedback regarding whether they had to make the package more or less heavy. You can imagine what happened after the ingredients team had received some feedback. We started getting much better results! In actuality we had about 10 packages in a row that were not just within. The weight range of the allotted weight but were exactly the same weight!

What were some advantages that this data provided? It helped us reduce our period of time as the weight team didn’t need to make corrections. For numerous packages that were either over and underweight. It also increased morale as the employees in the top of the line weren’t worried. About their performance because they knew they were doing better or less. The people who were at the back of the line achieved the same results. That they desired and therefore were less stressed. Who ever thought there could have so many advantages business coach from the smallest amount of feedback? It’s also so simple to share!

Might not be providing to the members of your team

This could be happening in your company? What are your various processes. And what are the different types of feedback that you might not be providing to the members of your team? Are there any people begin the “assembly line” that could get some input. Which would let you be happier and achieve more positive outcomes? If you are unable to find the answer, Contact us and we’ll be sure to assist you.

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