How to Boost Lagging Students During Live Online Class?

As an educator, you often find it difficult to deal with lagging students in live online classes. A slow learner often finds it difficult to keep up with the rest of the students while learning any new concept. Thus, we have come up with the perfect solution to help your lagging students while teaching on top online learning platforms.

Ever since the pandemic, e-learning platforms have become the backbone of our country’s educational sector. The unpredictable nature of the world has compelled educators as well as learners to adapt to this method of learning and advance in their respective fields.

However, as a tutor, you understand that no two students possess the same level of intelligence and can excel at the same pace. Some students might need extra care, attention, and support to learn more efficiently.

Tips to boost lagging students during live online classes   

Struggling to help your students on an online classes app? We have come up with a list of tips and tricks on how you can support your students.

Remove difficulties related to the subject-matter

You can identify loopholes in a student’s academic skills and capacity as a tutor. Examine the options that you have to help a student in overcoming the difficulties in online kids classes. It is a kind of condition in which you experiment with various solutions and ideas to remove the pain point of your learners in their academics.

Special learning sessions

One of the most popular ways to help your students most efficiently is to provide 1:1 special sessions. These sessions will help students get the required personal attention they need wherein they can discuss their concerns, queries, and doubts regarding their academics.

These 1:1 sessions with teachers also help the students gain their confidence back and keep up with the rest of the classes.

Extra academic materials  

Online tutors have found that supplementing instruction with more learning alternatives and methodologies is one of their most successful methods of providing children with additional learning options.

During live online classes, you do not have to substitute the extra materials with the actual learning materials, but providing students with supplementary materials helps them to focus more and worry less.

Introduce suggestions and techniques

Students who lag behind are often physically present in a live online class but they are mentally and emotionally absent. Asking them questions if they understand the concept can motivate them to learn with receptive and active brains. You can also encourage students to take proper notes in class and follow a normal pace while using simple language to make your classes more informal, engaging, and informative.

Be patient and find out new creative methods

Try adopting a balanced method of teaching that does not create a negative impact on the academic levels of slow learners as well as higher-ability students. You can ensure students will be engaged in the class during class time by repeating basic concepts, and incorporating engaging learning methods and activities.

Every parent and teacher must understand that no two students can learn at the same pace. Comparing them or running out of patience will only add to their woes and worries. Slow learning is not something that should be looked down upon, but should be treated with extra care and attention.

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