The Surprising Benefits of Dry Cleaning in London

Do you often toss your dirty sheets and towels in the hamper because you don’t have the time or energy to go through the wash? If so, your days of tossing your dirty clothes in the washing machine are numbered. There are plenty of reasons to take the plunge and try dry cleaning – not least because it can save you a lot of money.

In this blog post, we will explore some surprising benefits of having your bedding dry-cleaned in London.

What is Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning is cleaning cloth and other textile materials using a chemical that loosens dirt, dust, and fabric fibres. Dry cleaners London are one of the most common ways to clean clothes and can benefit your clothing and environment. 

The benefits of dry cleaning your bedding in London include: 

  • You’ll enjoy fresh-smelling clothes: Dry cleaning leaves your items smelling fresh and new.
  • Your clothes will look their best: Because dry cleaning removes any oils or residue on the fabric, it keeps clothes looking their best.
  • It’s environmentally friendly: Using less water and chemicals, dry cleaning is a more environmentally friendly way to clean your clothing.
  • It’s affordable: Dry cleaning costs are generally lower than washing clothes at home.

The Benefits of Dry Cleaning Your Bedding in London

Dry cleaning is a centuries-old process used to clean garments and linen. Dry cleaning can remove dirt, dust, oil, and other contaminants from clothes and linens. While the process may sound harsh, there are many benefits to dry cleaning your clothing and linens in London.

  • Dry cleaning is environmentally friendly. The process uses little water and is an effective way to reduce pollution.
  • Dry cleaning preserves fabrics. Many delicate fabrics are damaged by moisture, but dry cleaning can preserve them for years.
  • Dry cleaning is a safe process. Allergies are rare with dry cleaning, as most chemicals are found in standard household products.
  • Dry cleaning is competitively priced. While it may not be the cheapest option, dry cleaning is often considerably cheaper than cleaning your clothes at a laundromat.

When to Schedule a Cleaning Service

Like most people, dry cleaning is a necessary evil. You go through the hassle of getting your clothes cleaned and pressed only to have them come back smelling faintly of perfume or chemical residue. But if you’ve never tried it, there are some surprising benefits to dry cleaning your bedding in London.

First of all, let’s be honest: Dry cleaning is expensive. But if you do it regularly, your clothes will last longer because they won’t be subject to the damaging effects of sweat and dirt. Also, the dry cleaners can get deep into the fabric and restore its original colour and softness.

Another benefit is that dry cleaning does not damage clothes in the same way that washing does. Washing machines agitate water and detergent together, which causes microorganisms on fabrics to multiply. The friction from those organisms against fibres will eventually cause colours to fade and fabric to become brittle – something that can happen even on clothes washed in bright colours!

By contrast, dry carpet cleaning Houston use high temperatures (between 160-170 degrees Fahrenheit), which kills all bacteria without causing any damage to clothing. That means your delicate silk blouse won’t turn brown after being cleaned at the dry cleaner – a result that can be both an emotional and financial relief for those who care about their clothing’s appearance.

So don’t be afraid – try a little dry cleaning on your bedding before deciding it’s not for you. It might just be the change you need to get your clothes looking their best again.

Which Types of Bedding are Suitable for Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning is a great option for preserving your bedding if you live in a city where water conservation is important. Dirty bed sheets and blankets can accumulate bacteria, dust mites, and other allergens over time, making you sick. Dry cleaning removes oils or sweat from your fabrics, preventing them from becoming dusty and damaged again.

Here are four types of bedding that are generally safe to dry clean:

  • Linen sheets and pillowcases
  • Cotton sheets and pillowcases
  • Down comforters
  • Synthetics

Which Fabrics Are Best For Dry Cleaning?

There is a lot of confusion about which fabrics are best for dry cleaning in London, especially because the choice of fabric can make a big difference in the cost of cleaning. 

Here are four fabrics that are best suited for dry cleaning: 

  1. Linen: Linen is not as absorbent as other fabrics, so it doesn’t require as much moisture to be removed during a typical dry cleaning process.
  2. Silk: Silk is delicate and needs extra attention during dry cleaning to avoid damage. 
  3. Wool: Wool is naturally water absorbent, requiring less liquid to clean than other fabrics. 
  4. Cotton: Cotton can be easily damaged by exposure to water, so it isn’t recommended for dry cleaning unless it is synthetic or made from a material that won’t hold water. 

Therefore, selecting a fabric suited to your project’s needs is best. For example, if you are cleaning silk clothing, Silk would be the best choice. On the other hand, if you are cleaning flannel clothing, Wool would be a better option because it will not be damaged by water.


Thinking about dry cleaning your bedding in London? You may be surprised at the benefits of doing so! By caring for your bedding with professional dry cleaning, you can keep it looking new and wrinkle-free, a major bonus for staying comfortable throughout the night. Not only will dry cleaning your bedding help to extend its life by keeping it free from dirt and dust mites, but it will also eradicate any unpleasant odours that may have developed over time.

If you’re considering dry cleaning your bedding in London – Check our price list now!

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