Top 10 Advantages of Laravel Development Services

What Is a Laravel?

Laravel is one of the most popular open-source PHP frameworks, and it has seen a significant rise in popularity over the past few years. It was created by Taylor Otwell in 2011 and named after a French town called Larabel. The framework gives developers the ability to build mobile-ready apps that are easy to maintain and scale. With CS Web Solutions a Laravel development company in Mississauga, you can build powerful applications easily without having any coding knowledge or experience.

The best part about hiring a Laravel developer is that they will help you save time and money while building your application with high-quality features like authentication system, OAuth2 support, caching library etc.

What Is a Laravel Developer?

A Laravel developer is a person who develops applications using the Laravel Framework. It is a free, open-source PHP framework released under MIT license. It uses MVC (Model View Controller) design pattern which helps it to build clean and maintainable applications.

Laravel has a modular structure and its syntax is very similar to Ruby on Rails and CodeIgniter, making it easy to learn and use by developers with previous experience in any of these technologies.

The main advantage of using this framework over other similar frameworks such as Symfony or Yii2 is that it uses simple conventions over configuration which helps in automating many tasks without writing much code, thereby saving time and effort for your development team during deployment phase of your project

Top 10 Reasons Behind Choosing Laravel Development Services for Enterprises

  • It has a large ecosystem of plugins and tutorials.
  • It has a very flexible architecture.
  • Laravel is robust and secure framework with an amazing documentation, which makes it easy for developers to work on the project.

Laravel development also helps enterprises in building complex applications that are scalable and can easily handle high traffic load from users at any point of time.

1. Enhanced Performance

Laravel is a modern PHP framework that offers a variety of features. It allows developers to build powerful applications to meet their business needs quickly and efficiently, providing them with an extensive library of tools and components.

With its large community of developers, Laravel has become the most popular PHP framework for web development with more than half a million users worldwide. This popularity can be attributed to the advantages it offers over other frameworks such as Symfony or Zend Framework 2 in terms of performance and simplicity.

Laravel also supports many other features including:

2. High Security

Laravel uses salted and hashed password. It also uses bcrypt hashing algorithm for password encryption. It is the most secure way to store passwords in your database as it cannot be decrypted even in case of a data breach.

In Laravel, every page request header contains an X-CSRF token that is used to prevent Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF). Laravel also provides some built-in methods that help you block Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attacks on your website.

3. Powerful Authentication

Laravel provides powerful authentication services that allow you to implement any kind of authentication mechanism you want. It also has a simple way to add authentication to your application. Laravel 5’s default implementation is the Auth component, which supports socialite (OAuth), Federated, Passwordless and more. The authentication process in Laravel 5 is simple, but it is also very flexible. You can customize it according to your needs without having to rewrite any code from scratch. Moreover, if needed, you can easily extend the core components for implementing additional functionality on top of them. You can also create custom authentication services that integrate with your application’s business logic or database.

4. Open Source & dedicated support community

Open source is a huge advantage for Laravel, because it allows you to see how the framework works and fix any issues yourself. You can also get help from the community if you need it. This is one of the most important advantages of Laravel development services provided by us.

Another benefit of open-source platforms like Laravel is that they have a large community dedicated to helping others when they get stuck or run into problems with their code.

5. Blade Templating

Blade is a simple, yet powerful templating engine provided by Laravel. It allows you to write clean and expressive templates that are understandable by both humans and machines. Blade syntax is a superset of PHP (PHP 7), which means that you don’t need to learn any new coding language or format. All you have to do is keep writing your HTML as you would normally do in PHP tags, but using Blade directives instead of raw PHP tags:

`@if($variable == true)` — Checks if a variable equals true and uses the content inside the block if it does.

`@elseif($variable == false)` — Checks if another variable equals false and uses the content inside this block if it does not equal true

`@endif` — Ends an @if block; ends every other directive except for @elseif blocks

6. Migration of databases

Migrations are the process of applying database changes in your codebase. This can involve adding new columns, dropping columns, or modifying existing data.

When executed during the deployment of your application, migrations provide a safe way to update the database schema and keep track of how it changes over time.

7. MVC Architecture

MVC architecture is a way of separating concerns in an application. The model represents the data and business logic, while the view is responsible for displaying this information. The controller acts as a mediator between these two components, providing an interface that allows you to manipulate them with code. MVC architecture is one of the most common approaches for building web applications in Rails. It has been adopted by many other frameworks as well, so if you want to work with other languages and technologies after learning Ruby on Rails, this will serve as a solid foundation.

8. Object-Oriented Libraries

Laravel is an object-oriented framework. It provides an object-oriented architecture that allows you to build applications with less code. Object-oriented programming is a way of representing data and logic through objects. Objects are self-contained units that contain both data and the functions needed to manipulate it. This means that you can use an object to represent anything from a user’s profile to an article in a news feed.

9. Future-ready Apps

It’s no secret that Laravel is an open-source framework. As an open-source framework, it allows developers to contribute to the codebase and make it better. The community behind this framework also grows with each passing day. Developers who have been using Laravel for years are now giving back to the community by contributing code on GitHub, making bug fixes, writing tutorials and articles about Laravel, etc.

This means that if you decide to hire Laravel development services from a team of experienced professionals like us at Appcubes IT Solutions Pvt Limited, you’ll be able to enjoy all these benefits:

  • A future-ready app development platform
  • An active developer community

10. Unit Testing

The Unit testing is a method of testing where the smallest testable parts of an application are tested to determine whether they work correctly. Unit tests are written by developers before the code is written and are used to ensure that the code works as expected.


Laravel is a great choice for your next project. It offers a host of benefits, such as enhanced performance, high security, and powerful authentication. The framework also allows you to create open source and dedicated support community apps, which are ready to handle all kinds of traffic. With Laravel Development Services from our team at Code Droids, you can ensure that your app will be built on top of an object-oriented library with unit testing capabilities.

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