Top automobile tyre creators as their sub-brands

The tyre business is mainly run by the best 5 prominent tyre makers in the world. They include

  1. Bridgestone
  2. Michelin
  3. Continental 
  4. Goodyear/Dunlop 
  5. Pirelli

These automobile tyre businesses will not solely represent brands with an identical title, they also own a wide spectrum of sub-brands. Read below, so you can have a short synopsis of the leading brands and find out which one falls under which label.

Michelin Tyres

  1. BF Goodrich: This is a well-known American tyre-producing company that began in 1870. The company was first set up in Akron, and Michelin took over the company BF Goodrich in the 1990s.
  2. Kleber: Established in 1911, Kleber car tyres Leicester were first available within the BF Goodrich establishment in Paris. After that, the main brand was under the supervision of Michelin in 1981.
  3. Riken: Founded in Japan around 1958, popular tyre producer Riken has been a sub-brand of the Michelin tyres since the early 1990s.
  4. Strial: This is a French-Serbian tyre label that was first set up around 2013. The French tyre maker Michelin took over the Serbian plant and was successful in releasing an entry-level automobile car tyre label.

Furthermore, other tyre brands that fall under the Michelin label are Warrior, Achilles, Uniroyal, Orium along with Taurus. 

Continental Tyres

  1. Uniroyal: A part of this brand falls under Michelin in areas of North America area. However, in the European division, this company has been under the Continental AG group since 1979.
  2. General Tyres: This popular American tyre label specialises in delivering SUVs along with 4×4 tyres. Moreover, this company was a part of the Continental group since 1987.
  3. Semperit: First available in Austria in around 1824, this tyre brand became a partner of the Continental group around 1985.
  4. Barum: Founded around 1945, this tyre brand is very well-known in countries including the Czech Republic. Moreover, this company remains a big piece of the Continental brand since 1992.

Other notable Continental sub-brands car owners might know are Euzkadi, Viking, Mabor, Gislaved, Matador, and Sime.

Bridgestone Tyres

  1. Firestone: Established somewhere around the 1900s, this tyre brand is a very large part of the Bridgestone group. Moreover, Bridgestone took over the company in the 1980s.
  2. Nokian: Founded around 1904 in the country of Finland, this winter automobile tyre professional was formerly a piece of the mobile phone brand known as Nokia. Then, Bridgestone took over the company plus has the bulk of the shareholding after acquiring the telecom giant.
  3. Lassa: Founded around 1974 by Sabanci, Lassa’s former name was popular as Brisa in the start when it became under the Bridgestone brand. The Lassa label is now a piece of the cooperative venture with a Japanese tyre creator.
  4. Uniroyal: Bridgestone acquires all the rights for the dispersal of this tyre company in regions of Australia. 

Another prominent Bridgestone tyre labels include Dayton.

Goodyear Tyres

  1. Dunlop: Around 1999, there was a cooperative venture between the two brands known as Sumitomo and Goodyear. These 2 groups together manage the distribution rights of this popular Dunlop tyre brand in numerous parts of the world. After some duration, Goodyear brought Sumitomo’s shares and now is the sole distributor of Dunlop car Tyres in countries of Europe along with North America. In other countries such as Turkey plus Asia, Sumitomo still keeps the ownership of selling the Dunlop tyre brand.
  2. Cooper Tyres: Around 2021, Goodyear company took over its partner, the Cooper Tyre label as well as its sub-brand including Avon, Mastercraft, Dean, Roadmaster, Mentor, Definity, plus more.
  3. Sava: This is a popular Slovenian tyre label since 1948 plus has been a significant part of the Goodyear group since 1998.
  4. Fulda: This well-known German label was first seen in the 1900s. Moreover, Goodyear took over the company in 1962.

Automobile owners can also reach out to tyre experts on which type of brands along with models will be perfect for the wheels. Also, ensure the facility you visit has all the original tyres

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