What is Custom Blending Services California

Custom Blending Services California

Custom Blending Services California companies offer dry and liquid blending for a variety of industries. Capabilities include slurry handling, low and high viscosity liquid product blending. Labeling, packaging and shipping are also offered.

Custom Blending Services California solutions are often needed for specialty applications in operating environments. These products must meet the demands of specific performance standards.

Liquid Blending

Liquid blending involves the mixing of two or more liquids to achieve a level of uniformity. Typically, this is done using mechanical blending units, though a newer trend uses the power of an IBC, eliminating the need for specialized processing and cleaning facilities.

When blending dissimilar fluids, such as water and oil, or when solids are involved, the process becomes more complicated and requires more advanced equipment. Some companies even use a pet analytical technique called conductive tomography, which creates a three-dimensional image of the fluid in process.

Blending services are offered for the food, beverage, dairy, chemical, beauty, pharmaceutical, personal care, and household industries. Capabilities include slurry handling, low and high-viscosity liquid product blending, labeling, packaging, and shipping.

Formulated lubricants, insulating oils, gas oils, greases, hydraulic fluids, and other industrial liquid products are blended for engine, mobile, portable, and stationary applications. These formulations meet DOT, CVOSA, JP-8, and EPA standards for the automotive and industrial industries.

The ability to tailor a custom liquid blending solution to the specifications of a particular client makes SCL a partner that can deliver value in an operating environment. For instance, engineers in the semi-electronic industry often have to develop and test a variety of materials that can’t  found in standard, pre-formulated products.

Custom blending solutions

SCL provides these customers with custom blending solutions that address their specific performance needs without sacrificing product quality or safety. Choosing this approach instead of relying on non-spec products can help avoid costly downtime or wasted materials and energy in the long run.

New horizon foods offer Custom Blending Services California ingredient blending services for a wide variety of liquid, powder, and paste ingredients. Our expertise in blending ensures that our clients get exactly the mix they need, every time.

In addition, our patented in-process monitoring technologies can also help identify a problem quickly before the issue becomes more serious and costly to fix. Our state-of-the-art equipment helps us detect any changes in the product during the blending process, giving us the ability to adjust as necessary and provide a more precise and reliable final product.

Custom liquid blending is the ideal solution for many companies that need a flexible, cost-effective solution to their blending requirements. Our Custom Blending Services California solutions can used in virtually any application or industry, and we can accommodate any order size or composition.

Dry Blending

Dry blending is the process of mixing dry ingredients together to create a product. It can used in a variety of applications, including sauces, baking mixes and more. It’s also an excellent option for adding a small amount of liquid to dry products to make them more versatile and appealing.

Choosing the right blending equipment is critical to optimizing your process and creating products that meet your exact specifications. A few different options include ribbon blenders, paddle blenders and agitators. These machines are often used in the food and beverage industries because they can handle a wide variety of dry applications, including powdered drink bases, seasonings, and baking mixes.

Many mixers can also equipped with temperature controls that allow for heating the bed of powder before it is blended. These features are especially useful for combining materials that might not mix well on their own, such as powdered plasticizers.

Blending process

The blending process of drug formulations is extremely important because it affects the stability, visual appeal, and effectiveness of a finished dosage form. This is why it is vital to choose a quality assurance team that works hand-in-hand with the production team to ensure a high level of quality is achieved throughout the process.

A good blending company will have a technical sales team that includes an R&D formula engineer, a food safety and pharma manager and a quality control pro. That crew can help you navigate supplier approval and audit processes so that you get a complete and comprehensive look at your formula before production begins.

Another key component of quality control is running test batches that validate your blending processes and ensure the quality of your product comes out of the blender every time. A well-equipped and experienced team can write unique protocols for these test batches that result in the same results coming out of the blender each time.

Custom Blending Services California can help you develop custom chemical products that meet your specific needs and improve the efficiency of your manufacturing process. They can create products with a higher viscosity, additional additives or even specific odors to improve the performance of your machine tools.

Toll Blending

The Toll blending services, also known as chemical toll manufacturing, are a cost-effective way for companies that produce specialized formulas and require their solutions to blended and processed into a final product. Toll blending services are a growing industry, with many industries turning to them for a wide variety of solutions and processes.

The process involves a company that provides all the raw materials and processing instructions for a product to another company that specializes in blending and packaging those products. This is especially useful for companies that do not have the facilities or expertise to blend their own chemicals.

This can help to reduce the upfront costs associated with production and can help you to meet spikes in demand without needing to invest in additional equipment or hire extra staff. Toll blending also provides scalability and flexibility, allowing you to quickly ramp up or decrease output as needed.

Toll blending companies

Some toll blending companies have a specific industry niche and can offer more specialized services, such as custom formulations or private labeling. These companies can also provide product development, technical support, and warehousing services to help you achieve your business goals.

In addition, toll blending companies have the experience and resources necessary to ensure that the final product is consistent in quality. This is important because if the formulations are not manufactured correctly. It can lead to product recalls and other issues.

Using toll blending can help you to avoid these issues and gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. It can also an effective way to save money and time. While also ensuring that your products are high-quality and compliant with regulatory standards.


Custom Blending Services California offers a variety of packaging services for a wide range of industries. Capabilities include contract blending, drop shipping, materials sourcing, private labeling, product development, technical support and warehousing. These services are available for water, solvent or oil-based liquids and alkaline, neutral or acidic mixtures with a wide range of viscosities.

A custom blending service is a great option for companies that have specialized chemical formulas. This allows them to send their raw materials and processing instructions to a company that specializes in manufacturing and delivering these chemicals, like new horizon foods.

For the automotive, commercial, food service, janitorial, machine tool, institutional and marine industries, this custom chemical blending and repackaging company can create a customized blend to suit your needs. Their blending services are capable of handling a wide range of viscosities and additives and can even  used to create specific odors for safety purposes.


They can also make a specialized blend for any type of equipment that requires high-shear and abrasion-resistant lubricants and fluids. This can help your machines operate at optimal performance and increase their lifespan.

In addition, they can work with you to create a blend that will improve the efficiency of your machinery and help it run more smoothly. They can also develop a custom mix that can help you reduce your operating costs and save you time and money in the long run.

Lastly, they can also provide you with a custom blending and repackaging solution for powdered ingredients such as extracting or reacting compounds. This can useful for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products, as well as cosmetics and skincare.

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