Writing a Notary Invitation Letter for Global Business

In international business, there are times when you need to notarize documents for legal and official purposes. A notary invitation letter is a formal request letter that you send to a notary public, asking them to notarize documents for you. It is important to write an effective notary invitation letter to ensure that your request is properly understood and accepted. If you are conducting business globally, you may find yourself in need of a notary invitation letter. This letter serves as a formal request for a notary public to witness and authenticate the signing of important legal documents, such as contracts, agreements, and deeds.

Understand the Purpose of the Notary Invitation Letter

The first step in writing an effective notary invitation letter is to understand its purpose. The notary invitation letter is a formal request for notarization of documents, which means that you need to clearly state the purpose of the notarization. This could be for business contracts, legal documents, or other official purposes. Make sure that you mention the specific documents that need to be notarized and provide any necessary details about the notarization process.

A notary invitation letter serves the purpose of requesting the presence of a notary public to witness and certify the signing of legal documents. This letter is typically used when the notary public is required to travel to a location outside of their regular office to perform notarial acts. The invitation letter should include the date, time, and location of the signing, as well as a description of the documents to be signed. It should also include the name and contact information of the person who will be signing the documents, as well as any other relevant details that the notary public may need to know in order to prepare for the appointment. The purpose of the notary invitation letter is to ensure that the notary public is fully informed of the details of the appointment, and is able to perform their duties in a timely and professional manner.

Include the Necessary Information

When writing a notary invitation letter, it is important to include all the necessary information. This includes the full name and contact information of the notary public, as well as the name and contact information of the person who will be presenting the documents for notarization. You should also include the date and location of the notarization, and any other relevant details about the process.

Use a Formal Tone

A notary invitation letter is a formal request, so it is important to use a formal tone. Use proper business letter format and address the notary public respectfully. Make sure to use appropriate salutations and sign off with a professional closing.

Proofread and Edit

Finally, before sending your notary invitation letter, make sure to proofread and edit it carefully. Check for any spelling or grammar errors, and ensure that all the necessary information is included. It is important to make a good impression with your letter, as this can impact the notary public’s decision to accept your request.


In conclusion, an effective notary invitation letter is an important part of the notarization process for international business. It is important to clearly state the purpose of the notarization, include all necessary information, use a formal tone, and proofread and edit carefully. By following these guidelines, you can increase the likelihood that your notary invitation letter will be accepted and your documents properly notarized. So, if you need notarization for your international business, don’t hesitate to reach out to The Notary Guy, who can provide professional and reliable notarization services.

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