Summer Tyres vs Touring Tyres : Ultimate Experience

Which One is Right for You?

The majority of summer tyres are high performance or even ultra high performance tyres. Also, there are summer tyre available for low-performance vehicles. On the other hand, touring tyres are all-season tyres and available in different types such as standard all-season touring tyres, performance touring tyres as well as grand touring tyres for CUVs, SUVs or other types of 4WD or AWD vehicles. 

Both summer and touring tyres are the favourite choices for all types of car owners since these tyres can fit every type of car. Summer tyre are the most common tyres on UK roads since they fulfil the need the drivers want on road. But this is possible when you choose the best car tyres Cambridge

Summer tyres 

Summer tyres are available at different prices or types range; for instance; regular summer tyres for normal sedans, or mini cars. Summer tyre will become high performance summer tyres when you buy a tyre for your high-speed car. When you have a super sports car, you must choose an ultra or max performance summer tyre. Summer tyres are made for dry or wet roads when the temperature is more than 7°C. 


The most reliable tyres in the nation and the globe are summer tyre. The reason behind that is the temperature and weather conditions. These tyres are the best when you want to experience superior traction, steering control, tyre response, better cornering and comfort. The braking distance of summer tyres is far better than all season.  No doubt, premium summer tyre offer a safe ride on a smooth road surface. However, they are capable of offering a decent performance when you do off-roading occasionally. Many premium summer tyre are run-flat summer tyre, which is very convenient. But how? Because run-flat tyres are capable of running on the road after getting flat. So that you can reach the garage and look for repair or replacement. There are summer tyre available that have low rolling resistance which creates less friction and better economy. 


These tyres are not so durable if you compare them to touring tyres. Also, high performance or ultra-high-performance summer tyre create road noise at high-speed braking. You can’t expect to improve fuel consumption since high performance summer tyres are not to save fuel, they are for high-performance driving. 

Touring tyres 

Touring tyres are all in one tyre. Because these tyres are touring all-season tyres, you can drive on every season and road with them. Whatever the temperature or road is; whether it is a 0°C or even a 28°C or a harsh or soft terrain, touring tyres are perfect to drive with. Whatever type of car you have; a coupe, a sedan, an SUV, a crossover, or any type of light truck, you can choose touring tyres for a safe ride all year round. You can even install a touring tyre on your high-speed or premium cars such as BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, etc.  


Touring tyres aim to provide you with the type of journey you might anticipate from a premium car.  Touring tyres give a lot of stability and flexibility in where they may be utilised, in addition to improving comfort on the road by lessening shocks and bumps, as they feature broader, thicker or deeper tread patterns and a large contact area with the ground. 

They last longer than summer tyre because of their broader and deeper tread. Touring tyres are capable of offering a smooth or comfortable ride, and better fuel economy without overlooking grip and handling on different terrains. 

Note: Choose a touring tyre that suits your car the most. For instance; if you have a Mercedes crossover, you should buy grand premium touring tyres for CUVs. 


Touring tyres are more expensive than summer tyres. However, the price depends on the model or brand of both types of tyres. Not very good for high-speed performance (handling or grip) if you compare it to performance summer tyres. 

You can’t say summer tyre is better than touring. It depends on your need (temperature or road where you drive), and which tyre type is suitable for your car. Whatever your choice would be, choose the premium (Michelin, Goodyear, Continental, etc brands tyres) summer or touring tyres.

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