Types and benefits of Folding tables!

Buying coffee tables, dining tables or even study tables for a small compact space can take a toll on your mind in order to choose the right one. Easy to store, clean as well as transport folding tables are made to provide you such convenience. Folding tables are adaptable sizes that can easily be stored and adjusted according to the space’s requirements. 

Let’s learn more about the folding tables including their types and benefits to help you out specify if they will suit your home’s space perfectly. 

What’s different in a folding table?

A folding table is designed in a way to be collapsible for acquiring limited space only for the time it is being used. Folding tables are quick and easy to store and move between spaces as they are made of light material such as aluminum or lightweight plastic for enhanced portability. They are easy to assemble and disassemble and can make the most use of limited space while also enhancing the aesthetics of the interior without making them look clustered and compact.

The most common example for this is plastic folding tables that are a popular choice among the street food vendors as they are not only movable but easy to clean. 

Types of folding tables

Due to the custom options to fit every individual’s space requirements, folding tables come in a variety of shapes, sizes, lengths, heights, colors, and materials to offer a wide array of advantages and style to the customers. 

Shapes of Folding Tables

  • Round. If you have a compact space with a larger audience and group then round tables are perfect to fit them all. Round tables are big enough to accommodate a to 10 people’s sitting arrangements without taking the entire space and making it look more compact and congested. Round tables are also used for larger group dining and wedding functions as they offer a communal arrangement where everyone is seated closer to each other. 
  • Rectangular. To fit perfectly in a narrow or room rectangle, folding tables are the ideal type. By taking limited space, rectangular tables of a multiple lens to arrange sitting for as many as 12 people changing from 4 foot to 8 foot of height. Rectangular tables also provide enough leg room and comfort to the people sitting facing each other. With enough space for storage, rectangular folding tables are also perfect to hold enough food and drink for consumables.
  • Square. To give you the feel of a cafe Bistro patch your table square shaped folding tables are a perfect arrangement for multipurpose venues and accommodate practical functions. One smart pick if you are not sure of the space you have available is to go with square shaped folding tables that allow flat edges with round corners that can be pushed together to create a flush larger dining surfaces while enhancing the aesthetics and attractive decors.

Materials of Folding Tables

  • Polyurethane and plastic tables. Polyurethane and plastic folding tables are non-porous water resistant made tables that require low to no maintenance. The material offers excellent reliability and flexibility with brilliant designs and benefits. Plastic and polyurethane material can stand excessive use and are highly durable that offers you enough strength even when loaded heavy.
  • Steel tables. With durable frames and surfaces to boost the interior designs with a huge variety of colorful hues are what you get with steel tables. Steel tables are made sleek and slender in design while being coated with abrasive resistance material that prevents weathering. They provide easy storage and portability with light weight and low maintenance.
  • Aluminum tables. Aluminum is a strong and lightweight material that is easy to store, transport, clean, and maintain. Aluminum is quite sturdy that eliminates the extra maintenance to prevent it from rusting as it does not rust. With similar benefits are Steel tables you get an additional advantage with aluminum tables as it is treated for being resistant and therefore allows you to use the tables for both indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Wood tables. Wooden tables are an attractive piece of art that gives few functionality with sustainability and durability. Wooden tables are generally made wrapped in the metal frames and table top aging with pre-oiled finish that eliminates extra maintenance giving you appealing spaces. 
  • ABS tables. ABS or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is a plastic alternative material which offers greater sustainability by being environmentally friendly as compared to plastic and polyurethane. The material offers style with strength similar to the metal folding table. It is made lightweight with low density for easy portability and transportation. ABS material is weather resistant and acid-free making it a perfect suit for indoor as well as outdoor spaces.


With several worthy brands you can browse different catalogs to make your final decision while choosing the perfect shape and size of folding table for your compact space to beautify it intellectually. 


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